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Example for Jenn B’s Bird Wing Brushes

Jenn B’s Bird Wing Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Nature

A fine set of 15 medium to large sized wings brushes.The collection is high quality when it comes to these types of brushes (wings, birds, animals and so on) and has a very, very mild [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Autumn Cluster Brushes

Jenn B’s Autumn Cluster Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Nature

Leaves and clusters of branches and berry like things scanned and collected into this charming autumn collection. Though a small set it can be rather useful for making designs and patterns. For more details about [..]

Example for JavierZhX Tree Brushes

JavierZhX Tree Brushes

by JavierZhX (Blazter), brush category: Nature

Here is a collection of 24 brushes of various tree types from palms to oaks. The brushes are mostly silhouette like (as you can see in the previews) so this makes them rather convenient for [..]

Example for KeReN’s Leaves Brushes

KeReN’s Leaves Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Nature

A nifty collection of 15 Photoshop brushes showing leaves and foliage, very good for creating nature backrounds in landscape paintings because of their texture like effect. Special thanks to Keren for letting us display this [..]

Example for In Obscuro Spider Web Brushes

In Obscuro Spider Web Brushes

by Nela Dunato, brush category: Nature

Spider webs are one of the more fascinating creations in nature, because of their precision, strength and architectural uniqueness. Here is a relatively large collection of cobwebs, spider webs and spiders, brought to us by [..]

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