About GetBrushes.com

Welcome to our little experiment in putting some order into the world of Photoshop resources.

Here at GetBrushes.com we will strive to offer you an organized and easy way to the best brushes and other Adobe Photoshop resources on the net. Here is a small look at the people behind this project:


IvanWeb developer and interface designer, in web industry since 1995, and still enjoying every little bit of it. Beside proficiency in PHP, Perl, JS & CSS (and a bunch of other obscure abbreviations), Ivan is also a long time user of Adobe Photoshop, uses it extensively both for work and for his another big love, photography, and enjoys thinking he’s pretty darn good at it.

Here at GetBrushes I am in charge of the technical aspects of this project (from developing interface specification, over full front and server coding and WordPress customizations, to all other little, geeky things going behind the scenes of the website) and keeping the site up and running, so if you find something not working, yes, feel free to blame it on me.

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