Admir Veljovich Photoshop Brushes

Example for bx228 Fractal Brushes

bx228 Fractal Brushes

by Admir Veljovich, brush category: Fractals

A great set of fractal Photoshop brushes of various shapes and sizes. A you can see in the screenshot bellow the fractals are very elegant and subtle, good for creating abstract backgrounds without much effort. [..]

Example for bx228 Flag Brushes

bx228 Flag Brushes

by Admir Veljovich, brush category: Signs and symbols

A collection of 70+ brushes depicting some of the more interesting and exotic world flags and symbols, this is a fun collection to browse trough. The brush files are located on Megaupload, so in case [..]

Example for bx228 Quasi Tech Brushes

bx228 Quasi Tech Brushes

by Admir Veljovich, brush category: Tech

This is a set of brushes that resemble technical symbols and blueprints but not quite (as the name says). The brushes can work well with your average techy designs, wallpapers or anything else that requires [..]

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