Em-E-Chan Photoshop Brushes

Example for Em-E-chan’s Lace Brushes

Em-E-chan’s Lace Brushes

by Em-E-Chan, brush category: Ornaments and decorative

This is a small collection of only 6 brushes, but never have there been 6 lace brushes more lovely. We honestly hope Em will update this collection and make some more brushes. Untill then, keep [..]

Example for Em-E-chan’s Fractal Brushes

Em-E-chan’s Fractal Brushes

by Em-E-Chan, brush category: Fractals

A nice, grainy collection of fractal brushes by Em-E-Chan. The good thing about them is that they are Photoshop 6 compatible and that they can work well in wallpapers. For more info about the author [..]

Example for Em-E-chan’s Guitar Brushes

Em-E-chan’s Guitar Brushes

by Em-E-Chan, brush category: Objects

Now honestly, where can you find Photoshop 6 compatible brushes that are about guitars and guitar music? Nowhere...except here, so if you happen to need a good guitar brush, try out Em-E-Chan's collection of 10 [..]

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