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Example for KeReN’s Abstract Brush Set Vol. 4

KeReN’s Abstract Brush Set Vol. 4

by Keren, brush category: Abstract

Set number 4 in the collection of over 20 abstract brush sets made by our friend Keren. Just like the other brushes in this series, these abstract brushes have a slightly grungy and scratchy [..]

Example for KeReN’s Beard Brushes

KeReN’s Beard Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Misc

There comes a time in your creative life, if you are a digital painter, when a good set of beard brushes is just the perfect soution. In that case we here at GetBrushes recommend this [..]

Example for KeReN’s Flies Brushes

KeReN’s Flies Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Nature

Though not the most conventional of brush sets (not a lot of fly related artwork buzzing around) this is certanly one of the more original collections we have here. If you even have the need [..]

Example for KeReN’s Stars Brushes

KeReN’s Stars Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Space

A medium sized set of brushes showing star clusters, perfect for creating very stary nights, or outskirts of distant galaxies in a matter of minutes. If you like doing spacescapes, this set will definitely come [..]

Example for KeReN’s Hat Brushes

KeReN’s Hat Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Objects

If you ever need a good pair of hats for something, this is the place to start, with Keren's collection of 40 brushes showing various hats, from your average construction helmet to Santa's cap. It's [..]

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