Milica Aćimović Photoshop Brushes

Example for Mellyana’s Smoke Brushes

Mellyana’s Smoke Brushes

by Milica Aćimović, brush category: Misc

Here we have a collection of 6 very large smoke brushes made by our friend Mellyana. The brushes are ideal for creating smoke from small flames, magical actions/scenes (for example the appearance of a sorcerer) [..]

Example for Mellyana’s Mini Flower Brushes

Mellyana’s Mini Flower Brushes

by Milica Aćimović, brush category: Nature

Another brush set given to us by our friend Melly, this time it has six flower brushes based on what we think might be Orchides, but in any case, whatever they are they look very [..]

Example for Mellyana’s Decay Brushes

Mellyana’s Decay Brushes

by Milica Aćimović, brush category: Grunge

Here is a nice little set of grungy brushes that can really work well if you're into photo-manipulations. Showing a decaying texture, these 5 brushes are small in their size, yet highly useful to any [..]

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