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December 2, 2007

Changes, changes

During the last few days site was moved to a new server, and additional disk space was provided (so we will be able to host even more brushes). As always we strive to serve you better and faster, and new server is just a first step in our plans to further improve the site and our visitors experience.
NOTE: If you notice anything odd going on with the site (loading errors, slowdowns, warnings, etc..), please tell us about it.

February 3, 2007

Server downtime

As some of our visitors may have noticed has been offline for the last 4 days, thanks to a huge technical screw up on our server. One of the admins from the hosting company has accidentally formated all disks on the server, and in a split second wiped out the complete system, all files, databases, everything. Complete horror story for any webmaster.. 🙁
Luckily, and with a great help of the guys from the hosting company, all of the data was successfully restored, but it took some time to reinstall the server and get the site back online.
In the name of the team, I’d like to sincerely apologize to all of our visitors for this inconvenience. Hopefully this won’t happen ever again…

September 14, 2006

RSS Feeds Face-Lift

To make our RSS feeds nicer and more user-friendly we switched today to FeedBurner’s syndication services.

If you’ve already subscribed to our RSS feed(s) please note that you DON’T NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING, all these changes are fully transparent to all GetBrushes visitors, and everything should work as before automatically.

And if you’re not yet subscribed to our feeds, then what are you waiting for ? 🙂

RSS feeds are by far the simplest and the fastest way to keep a track of all site updates & news. You can subscribe to our RSS feed right now, or perhaps you would like first to learn more about web feeds.

IMPORTANT: If you notice any strange behavior regarding RSS feeds on this site, please notify us.

We will continue to update and improve this site constantly, and as always, all feedbacks, suggestions or bug reports are of a great help in providing you with the top service.

August 28, 2006

Get Brushes Forum

We’ve added a forum, due to the increasing interest of our visitors. The forum will be a place where you can post brush requests (if you need a specific brush set that you can’t find anywhere else), or just talk about art, graphic programs or any other topic that might interest you. Have a look.. 🙂

August 3, 2006

We’re almost there is going BETA. We’re adding new features and brushes almost every day, working hard on making this site the best resource for free photoshop brushes and PS brush making know-how. If you’ve got any suggestion or you’ve spoted a bug please contact us.

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