Fractals Photoshop Brushes

Example for Fractal Lite Photoshop Brushes

Fractal Lite Photoshop Brushes

by Jelena Jovović, brush category: Fractals

It's been a while since our last post and we are now kicking off a new season with even more great brushes and features for you. First we start with a very interesting collection [..]

Example for Patio13 Fractal Brushes

Patio13 Fractal Brushes

by Patio13, brush category: Fractals

Beautiful, intriguing fractal goodness!! And we haven't had that in a while. This is a collection of 13high quality fractal brushes ideal for creating special effects and abstract backgrounds. We hope to see more fabulous [..]

Example for bx228 Fractal Brushes

bx228 Fractal Brushes

by Admir Veljovich, brush category: Fractals

A great set of fractal Photoshop brushes of various shapes and sizes. A you can see in the screenshot bellow the fractals are very elegant and subtle, good for creating abstract backgrounds without much effort. [..]

Example for JavierZhX Fractal Chaos Brushes

JavierZhX Fractal Chaos Brushes

by JavierZhX (Blazter), brush category: Fractals

A beautiful set of ten fractal Photoshop brushes made by our friend Javier. He's done it again. Be sure to check this set out, along with other fractal brushes made by him. Also you [..]

Example for Em-E-chan’s Fractal Brushes

Em-E-chan’s Fractal Brushes

by Em-E-Chan, brush category: Fractals

A nice, grainy collection of fractal brushes by Em-E-Chan. The good thing about them is that they are Photoshop 6 compatible and that they can work well in wallpapers. For more info about the author [..]

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