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Example for JavierZhX Fractaldream Brushes

JavierZhX Fractaldream Brushes

by JavierZhX (Blazter), brush category: Fractals

A cool set of medium sized fractal images, perfect for any abstract or SF artwork and with 24 brushes in the set it is easy to create something interesting. This is part one of [..]

Example for JavierZhX Fractaldream Expansion Brushes

JavierZhX Fractaldream Expansion Brushes

by JavierZhX (Blazter), brush category: Fractals

5 Amazing Fractal brushes between 800 and 500 px in size, perfect for all kinds of abstract, science fiction artwork. This is actually an expansion pack for another set of Fractal brushes, that can [..]

Example for Digea Fractal Brushes

Digea Fractal Brushes

by Jelena Jovović, brush category: Fractals

Fractals are, according to the official definition "Geometrical entities characterised by basic patterns that are repeated at ever decreasing sizes." and their geometrical nature makes them hightly interesting to digital artists. This is a relatively [..]

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