Misc Photoshop Brushes

Example for Jelena’s Animal and Bird Trail Brushes.

Jelena’s Animal and Bird Trail Brushes.

by Jelena Jovović, brush category: Misc

Here is a nifty little brush set for all of you animal lovers. The collection consists of 14 foot trail brushes plus a large scale human footprint just for fun. If you need something for [..]

Example for Anodyne Halloween Brushes

Anodyne Halloween Brushes

by Anodyne, brush category: Misc

With Halloween not too far away it is not a bad idea to add another Halloween brush pack to our database. This time Photoshop brushes made by Anodyne. This is a nice little pack with [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Halloween Brushes

Jenn B’s Halloween Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Misc

With Halloween not too far away, we take the chance to present you with some nifty Photoshop brushes showing scary, Halloween items to inspire and spice up your work. Skelletons, a spooky pumpkin carving, [..]

Example for VPDesigns Omega Brush Set 200+

VPDesigns Omega Brush Set 200+

by Featured, brush category: Misc

The Omega set is a Photoshop brush pack that contains all of Tonio's brush collections for Photoshop, plus a fresh new grunge one. Inside you will find grunge sets, vector/tech sets, cloud brushes, fractals, abstract [..]

Example for Seishido Footsteps Brushes

Seishido Footsteps Brushes

by Janita, brush category: Misc

A small brush collection of 12 brushes showing paw prints in different shapes, sizes and directions. If you ever animal footprints for your designs this is a good start. A big thanks to Janita for [..]

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