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Example for KeReN’s Candy Brushes

KeReN’s Candy Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Misc

A sweet set indeed (excuse the pun) of 15 Photoshop brushes of candy, lollipops, candy canes and so on, done by our friend Keren who was lovely enough to donate these. Probably very good [..]

Example for Digea Film Brushes

Digea Film Brushes

by Jelena Jovović, brush category: Misc

Everything connected to film. Filmstrips, film reels, polaroid photos, you name it. It's a medium sized collection consisting of 15 brushes of a large scale. Special thanks to our friends from www.digea.net for sharing with [..]

Example for Mellyana’s Smoke Brushes

Mellyana’s Smoke Brushes

by Milica Aćimović, brush category: Misc

Here we have a collection of 6 very large smoke brushes made by our friend Mellyana. The brushes are ideal for creating smoke from small flames, magical actions/scenes (for example the appearance of a sorcerer) [..]

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