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Example for Em-E-chan’s Guitar Brushes

Em-E-chan’s Guitar Brushes

by Em-E-Chan, brush category: Objects

Now honestly, where can you find Photoshop 6 compatible brushes that are about guitars and guitar music? Nowhere...except here, so if you happen to need a good guitar brush, try out Em-E-Chan's collection of 10 [..]

Example for In Obscuro Postage stamps & postmarks

In Obscuro Postage stamps & postmarks

by Nela Dunato, brush category: Objects

A collection of 19 postal stamp brushes from our friend Nela down at InObscuro. The brushes are medium to small in size and are mostly based on Croatian and Czech postal stamps and some of [..]

Example for In Obscuro Office Brushes

In Obscuro Office Brushes

by Nela Dunato, brush category: Objects

Ever needed a good set of office items for your designs? Well look no further, with this large sized collection of objects found around the office. Paper clips, pins, papers, sticky tape, pencils, rulers, scissors [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Puzzle Brushes

Jenn B’s Puzzle Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Objects

A originaly themed set of puzzle brushes that consists of a few random puzzle pieces and puzzle groupings including a 3 side puzzle frame! Should you ever need to "connect the pieces of the puzzle" [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Time Brushes

Jenn B’s Time Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Objects

Another lovely collection, brought to us by Jenn B. Watches, antique clocks and a couple of gear brushes are packed up in this 9 brush set. A pretty good set for photo-manipulations, if you're [..]

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