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Example for In Obscuro Paper Brushes

In Obscuro Paper Brushes

by Nela Dunato, brush category: Texture

A wonderful Photoshop brushes collection that consists of paper brushes crumbled and torn in various shapes and sizes. This is one of those brush sets that is a must have for any designer because of [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Oil Spill Brushes

Jenn B’s Oil Spill Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Texture

An interesting set of Photoshop brushes based on various oil spill textures that can be found ...oh in your average grease pan. Excellent, large scale set ideal for creating interesting texture effects. A big thanks [..]

Example for Janne’s Fingerprint Brushes

Janne’s Fingerprint Brushes

by Janko Aćimović, brush category: Texture

Though this Photoshop brush set is small in size (only 5 brushes) it is big enough to create a perfect crime scene, with its large  Photoshop brushes and high detail, so whenever you feel like [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Desert Cracks Brushes

Jenn B’s Desert Cracks Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Texture

Large scale, high quality texture brushes of desert and dry ground cracks. Perfect for creating landscapes plagued with drought. Big thanks to Jenn for donating. For more details about the author and information about the [..]

Example for Seishido What A Mess Brushes

Seishido What A Mess Brushes

by Janita, brush category: Texture

If you're ever in need of old school ink splatter brushes then this practical set of 20 brushes just might do the trick. Plus they are Photoshop 6 compatible. Who could ask for more? A [..]

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