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Example for In Obscuro Graffity Brushes

In Obscuro Graffity Brushes

by Nela Dunato, brush category: Grunge

Graffites are a regular part of our urban landscape and it is only natural that they be presented in a form of a brush set here on GetBrushes. A set of 23 graffity brushes are [..]

Example for KeReN’s Dirty Brushes

KeReN’s Dirty Brushes

by Keren, brush category: Grunge

Here you will find 40 dirty, grungy brushes to satisfy your need for filth and decay. The brushes might be at times a bit small in size, but they still can be extremely effective [..]

Example for VPDesigns Abstract SP+Brushset

VPDesigns Abstract SP+Brushset

by Tonio Ettienne, brush category: Grunge

Eighteen beautiful, abstract brushes that put together can look like they are forming a big fire. If you combine them with Tonio's grunge brushes (found here) the sky is the limit. This set in [..]

Example for VPDesigns Grunge Brushes

VPDesigns Grunge Brushes

by Tonio Ettienne, brush category: Grunge

A very interesting collection of grungy brushes from our friend Tonio. The set has 16 grunge brushes that can also be used for making flames and explosions as you can see on the preview image. [..]

Example for KeReN’s Grunge Brushes 4

KeReN’s Grunge Brushes 4

by Keren, brush category: Grunge

This is a set of 48 Brushes that range in sizes from 341 px to 581 px. The brushes are part four of a larger grunge collection made by our friend Keren (the rest of [..]

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