JavierZhX Abstract8 Brush Set (for Adobe Photoshop)

A beautiful, energetic abstract collection of Photoshop brushes. The set is very clean and complex showing a play of not only 3D shape and form but of light as well which makes it a great tool for creating modern wallpapers and designs. Thanks to our friend Javier for donating this interesting Photoshop set. Be sure to check Javier's gallery on DeviantArt.


Photoshop Brush Details

Category : Abstract Photoshop brushes
Author : JavierZhX (Blazter)
Review added : September 19th, 2006

Number of downloads : 141442
Number of views : 501033

User rating : User's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 stars (1941 votes)
Editors rating : Editor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 stars

Number of brushes : 17
File size : 1.4 MB
Photoshop version : Photoshop CS and higher.

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