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Example for Obsidian Dawn Glitter & Sparkles Brushes

Obsidian Dawn Glitter & Sparkles Brushes

by Stephanie Shimerdla, brush category: Ornaments and decorative

Here is a great little collection of glittery brushes. Includes: various clusters of glitter and sparkles, several glittery & misty brushes in various designs, some glitter in the shape of various swirls, some heart-shaped glitter, [..]

Example for Jenn B’s Oil Spill Brushes

Jenn B’s Oil Spill Brushes

by Jenn B (Scully7491), brush category: Texture

An interesting set of Photoshop brushes based on various oil spill textures that can be found ...oh in your average grease pan. Excellent, large scale set ideal for creating interesting texture effects. A big thanks [..]

Example for Janne’s Fingerprint Brushes

Janne’s Fingerprint Brushes

by Janko Aćimović, brush category: Texture

Though this Photoshop brush set is small in size (only 5 brushes) it is big enough to create a perfect crime scene, with its large  Photoshop brushes and high detail, so whenever you feel like [..]

Example for Digea Bird Brushes

Digea Bird Brushes

by Jelena Jovović, brush category: Nature

A collection of 14 Photoshop brushes showing various kinds of birds from eagles in flight to sitting owls and sparrows and some other birds I do not know how to name. In any case [..]

Example for Aleksandar’s Fantasy Swirl Brushes

Aleksandar’s Fantasy Swirl Brushes

by Aleksandar Božinović, brush category: Ornaments and decorative

Now here is a Photoshop set that we could all use in our artwork. Fragile, elegant and swirly perfect for spicing up fairy wings and other beautiful things. A big thanks to out Friend Aleksandar [..]

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