In Obscuro Paper Brushes (for Adobe Photoshop)

A wonderful Photoshop brushes collection that consists of paper brushes crumbled and torn in various shapes and sizes. This is one of those brush sets that is a must have for any designer because of its excellent, textured feel. Enjoy. A big thanks to our friend Nela for donating this.


Photoshop Brush Details

Category : Texture Photoshop brushes
Author : Nela Dunato
Review added : October 6th, 2007

Number of downloads : 80664
Number of views : 312259

User rating : User's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 stars (1071 votes)
Editors rating : Editor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 starsEditor's Rating: 5 stars

Number of brushes : 25
File size : 1.996 MB
Photoshop version : Photoshop CS and higher.

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These photoshop brushes are free for non-commercial usage. You must link back to the author.

For commercial projects you need author's permission. Please contact the author directly for all the details.

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  27. Comment by Anette, December 23rd, 2015 1:00

    I would lovee to buy one of these!!! They look so adorable and very unuqie compared to the plain boring ones you see in stores – I’d much rather have one of your brush rolls on my dressing table! You’re so talented and I’m loving the packaging too!! How much would you be charging per brush roll?? xxx

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