KeReN’s Soft Cloud Textures Brushes (for Adobe Photoshop)

This is a nice brush set, consisting of 30 soft, silky cloud brushes of small to medium size. The relatively large number of brushes enables you to use them in various combinations. They are excellent for creating a misty atmosphere and foggy landscapes, or gently clouded skies, so if you need something like that, feel free to check them out.


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Category : Keren Photoshop brushes
Author : Featured
Review added : August 13th, 2006

Number of downloads : 20186
Number of views : 77424

User rating : User's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 starsUser's Rating: 4 stars (159 votes)
Editors rating : Editor's Rating: 4 starsEditor's Rating: 4 starsEditor's Rating: 4 starsEditor's Rating: 4 stars

Number of brushes : 30
File size : 0.14 MB
Photoshop version : Photoshop 7 and higher.

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6 Responses to “KeReN’s Soft Cloud Textures Brushes” :

  1. Comment by Janky, August 14th, 2006 17:40

    awesome brushes 😉

  2. Comment by andrew, February 12th, 2007 1:41

    Very nice brushes, all the site, thankx a lot

  3. Comment by Very Different, March 13th, 2008 16:14

    very nice brushes.

  4. Comment by Varunsivaraj, December 3rd, 2008 21:26

    Superb…………I like it very much Thanks………

  5. Comment by dc, September 7th, 2010 3:35

    HOpefully i can figure out how to download these. they look awesome.

  6. Comment by Pamela, October 10th, 2015 8:03

    Et tu, Chebb-e! 😉 Well, the DP1 is the only Sigma gear I kept around. I went E-3 last year. But I’ve been so amezad with the images coming out of my DP1, that I’ve been considering reinvesting in Sigma if the SD15 turns out to be even better than the DP1.

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